What is Optical Bitcoin?

A Better Way To Mine cryptocurrency.

oBTC is the very first cryptocurrency to use a new algorithm called HeavyHash .

In 2017 a group of brains from MIT, Columbia, Northeastern and other fine universities started researching ways to lower the amount of energy consumed by cryptocurrency mining.

From their research, testing and developments a new concept in crypto mining emerged; oPOW – Optical Proof of Work. oPOW is cryptocurrency mining that uses the next generation of computer processing chips called OPUs. Optical Processing Units.

A Non-Profit is Established

It’s About Change

In 2018 they established a non-profit 501c3 named PoWx. This led to the development of a new cryptocurrency algorithm. An algorithm that uses a unique process to compute.

This 3 stage algorithm is designed using SHA3 on the outer layers. The center is where the magic happens. The middle layer uses what’s known as a multiply and accumulate process (MAC). This layer can be processed using a CPU or GPU, but is optimized for OPUs.

A Shift in Expenditure

From OpEX to CapEx

The lifespan and initial capital expense (CapEx) of a GPU or ASIC miner varies from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Electricity prices per KW/H tends not to fluctuate. The operating expense (OpEx) of running these devices remains about the same, as most only require electricity as an OpEx until they are retired.

The profitability of mining each coin fluctuates. This makes the hashrate of a blockchain dynamic to the coin price. Once it becomes unprofitable, most miners move on to the next coin if the OpEx is too high. Optical Bitcoin uses oPOW that changes this.

With Optical Bitcoin the initial CapEx could be greater, but the OpEx will be less. This should create a more stable hashrate regardless of the price of oBTC price.

Think Different

PoWx & The oBTC Community

In 2021 PoWx launched Optical Bitcoin. While most all cryptocurrency projects today are structured similar to a corporate hierarchy, PoWx chose a different path. Their approach in a way, shadows Satoshi.

Optical Bitcoin was launched with a core Windows wallet, mobile wallet for Android, an explorer and a few other tools for the community to use. At launch PoWx handed over the project to the community to develop further.

The community is focused on developing new resources (such as this website) and expanding. PoWx is working with the community at the same time and still develops tools for the oBTC community and reviews the community code when submitted to their GitHub.

The core focus of PoWx is bringing an optical miner to market for oBTC. While it’s unconventional in today’s cryptosphere to have a separation of church and state, PoWx and the Optical Bitcoin community wouldn’t have it any other way. PoWx is active in the Optical Bitcoin Discord community and replies daily to community needs.



PoWx created and implemented it all. In 2021 they launched Optical Bitcoin. At launch PoWx turned over control of oBTC to the community. PoWx is currently focused on bringing the optical miners to market, while the Optical Bitcoin community is spearheading developments of the oBTC blockchain; along with support from PoWx for select implementations.

  • The idea for optical proof of work is conceptualized
  • A dedicated crew of hardware brains join together
Prototyping & Testing
  • Prototypes are made and testing starts on existing algorithms
  • It becomes clear a new algorithm will be needed
Proof of Concept
  • HeavyHash is developed and optimized for optical processors
  • PoWx is established as a non-profit
Whitepaper is Published
  • The whitepaper Optical Proof of Work is published
2019 - 2021
Further Developments
  • HeavyHash and hardware developments are made
oBTC is Launched
  • PoWx launches Optical Bitcoin with no pre-mine or developer fee
  • Testnet becomes mainnet, an outside audit confirms the blockchain is secure
oBTC is Wrapped
  • The community wraps oBTC to Binance Smart Chain
  • OpticalBitcoin.com is in the custody of the community again and relaunches with a new website
  • PoWx starts accepting reservation deposits for the first 1,000 optical miners
Block Difficulty
  • ASERT difficulty algorithm is implemented in February to fix the issue of block time
Community Benefits
  • oBTC community applies to centralized exchanges
  • oBTC community starts awareness campaigns for oPOW targeting politicians
Getting Smarter & More Known
  • Planned: community developments of iOS, OSX, & Linux wallets
  • Planned: Community starts developing a L2 smart contract
  • Planned: Community marketing and awareness campaigns becomes more frequent
2023 & Beyond
The Future
  • PoWx starts shipping optical miners
  • Community starts to lobby politicians as new laws target high energy mining

oBTC Breakdown

Optical Bitcoin is a true fork of Bitcoin. Besides the algorithm change to HeavyHash, the only real difference is maximum supply. oBTC has a maximum supply of 42 Million. Below are the oBTCnomices.

  • Symbol OBTC
  • Genesis Date 28 March 2021
  • Amount Pre-Mined 0
  • Halving Rate Every 420,000 Blocks
  • DAG Requirement 0
  • Circulating Supply Approximately 2,500,000 See Explorer For Details
  • Maximum Supply 42,000,000
  • Block Time Target 10 Minutes
  • Difficulty Algo ASERT (48 Hours)

PowX & Contributors

Optical Proof of Work (oPOW) was developed by volunteer contributors at PoWx* (a nonprofit). Read about them below and refer to the complete contributors list here. PoWx launched Optical Bitcoin in March 2021. oBTC is the very first cryptocurrency to use oPOW. Please note OpticalBitcoin.com has the support of PoWx as the official community website for Optical Bitcoin, but PoWx is not directly affiliated with this website.

Michael Dubrovsky

Lucianna Kiffer
Contributor Cryptoeconomics

Sunil Kochikar Pai
Contributor HW Prototype Developer; Matrix Mult Core

Jaspreet Jhoja
Contributor HW Prototype Developer; Simulations

Bogdan Penkovsky

Marshall Ball
Cryptography; HeavyHash

Stephen Lin
Contributor HW Prototype Developer; Simulations

Mustafa Hammood
Contributor HW Prototype Developer; System

PoWx-Org / oPoW

PoWx mission: Aiming at smaller energy per hash hardware.

PoWx-Org / hardware

Open optical miner hardware (work in progress)

PoWx-Org / obtc-core

A network supporting oPoW (aiming at smaller energy per hash mixed analog-digital hardware).

PoWx-Org / obc-electrum

This repository is not available anymore.

PoWx-Org / obtc-rosetta

Optical Bitcoin Rosetta API Implementation

PoWx-Org / obtc-pool

CKPool with RSK Merged Mining Capabilities

PoWx-Org / obtc-GPU-miner

GPU miner for the official pool


PoWx-Org / obtc-miner

This repository doesn't have description or homepage.

The oBTC Community

Meet The Optical Bitcoin Community

The Optical Bitcoin community expands every day. All can contribute to the community efforts in their own way. We’re developing new resources, expanding oBTC awareness and supporting PoWx.


Jeffrey Lebowski
Community Leader ``Biggest Dude of Dudes``

His Discord user name says it all, he’s “Just A Dude”.

The Dude is no one of importance, but he likes to contribute to bounties and supports development.

Zero Cool
Lead Community Developer

Zero Cool spearheaded many projects for Optical Bitcoin.


He is the community lead for development and the point of contact for developers.

Lead... Get It Done Rat

Parker has been part of the oBTC community from inception. He runs the TxRat Explorer and RxRat mining pool.

He’s a moderator on Discord and all around good dude that gets stuff done.

Why Not You?

The Optical Bitcoin community is open to all whom are willing to help.

Join our Discord
to get involved.


A Wallet For Each Operating System

oBTC can be kept securely in the these wallets that are PoWx approved and created.

  • Optical Bitcoin Core wallet works on Windows. It’s a fork of The Bitcoin Core wallet. Please encrypt and back up your wallet.
  • Android users will enjoy a secure encrypted wallet thanks to a fork of The Blue Wallet platform. This can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Please encrypt and back up your wallet.
  • iOS, Apple OSX & Linux wallets are in-development (community).
  • Rosetta API has been implemented to help assist with 3rd party wallets.
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